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Welcome to Doing Business Online

We are in disruptive times where both companies and job seekers are struggling to navigate how to work efficiently and remotely. Whilst most companies are experiencing this for the first time, we at Sobiaonline sees this as business as usual.  We provided you some reasons why you should choose Sobiaonline today:

Our approach to employment generation

  1. We have not missed anything and neither are we distracted like others. We are just “singing our usual song”. Our guiding principles of disruption, inclusion, and innovation has spurred us on over the years. Work with us now to benefit from our online opportunities today!
  2. We understand your plight that companies who are new to online work may make mistakes. We have been in this field for the past years and you can trust us.
  3. Your security and welfare are of topmost importance to us. In the midst of this growing online employment and recruitment scams, we are your best bet.
  4. We pride our selves in providing high-quality employment search services at very competitive prices in both Ghana and abroad. With this current lockdown and inflows been slowed to a crawl, the best decision you should make now is spend less to get what you have always wanted!
  5. As an innovative agency, we pride ourselves in providing unique employment service you can not get anywhere globally. We call it JOB SEARCH FOR ME. We have what it takes to handle your job search on your behalf. If you are interested in ex-pat jobs in Ghana or a Ghanaian abroad now seeking a job in Ghana we have the perfect service for you!
  6. We are closer! Contact us via and we will address all your queries as soon as humanly possible


Sobiaonline Stay Committed to You!

We are ever grateful for your support of Sobiaonline for the past three years.  The Coronavirus has already impacted all facets of human life be it environmental, political, environmental, economic, social and indeed all spheres of life.

As an online company, we wish to bring to your notice that we still operate fully from Monday to Saturday from 8: 30 am to 5:00 pm. We wish to assure you that as one of the reliable partners and pioneers in the provision of employment search services online, we have what it takes to provide you excellent service delivery.

In short:

  • We are working remotely from now onwards as we always do. The only change here is that we now work from home instead of the office.
  • If you are familiar with the way we work you will notice that our website serves as our service store as well. We still maintain the most up to date and reliable jobs across Ghana and you can access our jobs here. You can order all our services and make a payment on our website via this link 
  • As a company that prides itself on employee branding, we believe this is the right time to repackage your professional brand. You can find out how we can work closely with you in this regard here

How can I Stay safe

WHO advises us all to wash our hands frequently, practice social distancing, avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose among others.

How to Contact Sobiaonline Team

You can contact us anytime using these platforms:

Phone Call: 0245692357


Use our chat platform on all our web pages.

Contact us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest using the handle @sobiaonline

Stay home! Stay safe!


Issahaku Adam

Team Leader

Sobiaonline Careers

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