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Environmental Sustainability Strategy Review at CDF Consultant Canada

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Environmental Sustainability Strategy Review at CDF Consultant   Canada

Company Profile

CDF Canada is an Ottawa (Canada) based international development organization building prosperity in communities around the world.

We work with local partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to establish and grow community-owned co-operatives to help people achieve more prosperous, self-reliant live

Job Description

Consultancy for Environmental Sustainability Strategy Review – Northern Ghana, Eastern Corridor , 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program (4R-NSP)
Background Information
Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) has received 5 ½ years grant from Global Affair Canada (GAC). The project is entitled “4R Nutrient Stewardship Program (4R-NSP)” CDF Canada will implement the program in partnership with Fertilizer Canada, representative of manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and Sulphur fertilizers, The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), a not-for-profit, science-based organization dedicated to the responsible management of plant nutrition and SEND Ghana, a local implementing partner. The purpose of the project is to improve the socio-economic well-being of 80,000 poor and vulnerable smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, Ghana and Senegal, particularly women through improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. 
The initiative aims to improve agricultural productivity and farm income, by incorporating important gender and climate resilience strategies. The project builds the capacity of these smallholder farmers as members of financially viable agricultural co-operatives/credit unions. 
Successful agricultural co-operatives help improve production, diversify farming activities, enhance processing and storage, and improve marketing.  Strong credit unions will help provide a stable source of financing, required by the agricultural co-operatives. Furthermore, the project will enhance representation and influence of women in leadership positions & decision-making bodies, especially in co-operatives. 
The project will draw from the expertise in co-operative enterprise development of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada and the resources and technical expertise of Fertilizer Canada and the International Plant Nutrition Institute in soil nutrient management. It will also support policy and program engagement with relevant stakeholders at the national, regional and global levels to inform and promote the uptake and scale-up of sustainable soil nutrient management practices, contributing to the development of policies and farming systems with a limited carbon footprint.
As part of developing the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for the 4R-NSP project, a Performance Measurement Framework  with a set of indicators was developed to guide the delivery of project results. It is also required as part of the PIP to develop the project theory of change which will require among other documents the environmental sustainability analysis and strategy.
Also, in the completion of the detailed implementation plans, the project team will  agree on activities and strategies that address issues of environmental sustainability. 
It is essential to note that an Environmental Sustainability Strategy was developed for the FOSTERING project under the implementation of CDF-Canada and SEND-Ghana in the same districts of which 4R-NSP will be implanted. A review of this strategy is critical in ensuring that strategies and activities reflect the focus of the 4R-NSP.
It is against this background that CDF is seeking for a consultant who will review and update the existing environmental sustainability strategy to reflect the 4R-Nutrient Stewardship Project focus areas as described above. 
Overall Goal and Objective of Consultancy

The main objective of this consultancy is to conduct an environmental sustainability analysis that will lead to reviewing and updating the existing environmental sustainability strategy that reflects the 4R-NSP.
The result of this assignment will guide the project team in defining the project theory of change and also guide the project implementation team in ensuring that environmental factors are adequately considered in the implementation process.
The major objectives of this assignment include;
  • To establish the benchmark information on the current state of the environment (using definite parameters) prior to the implementation of the 4R-NSP
  • To establish the environmental implications of implementing the 4R-NSP
  • To ensure that environmental factors are considered through out the process of implementing the 4R-NSP
  • To have in place, recommended strategies, guidelines and protocols that will ensure that possible adverse environmental impacts are identified and avoided or minimized. 
Scope and focus of the assignment

The consultant will lead the process of carrying out an environmental sustainability assessment and update the environmental sustainability strategy.  The assignment is expected to begin on the 1st of August 2019. The consultant will ensure that activities related to the strategy review  are implemented in accordance with CDF Canada policies and other applicable rules and regulations from GAC.
The Consultant will work in close coordination with the CDF Canada team and SEND Ghana and with the following detailed scope of work.
  • Develop a work plan and timeframe for the assessment
  • Desk review of project documents (proposal, LF, PMF and the existing environmental sustainability strategy)
  • Prepare/revise tools for assessment
  • Collect data and carry out analysis
  • Present and discuss results and changes to existing document
  • Submit revised environmental sustainability document
Consultant Responsibilities

The consultant is responsible for performing the following activities: The consultant will be required to lead on all the tasks below, in consultation and collaboration with the project team:
  • Develop an action plan and proposed methodologies for submission to 4R-NSP Management team
  • Review the project proposal, the environmental strategy and other relevant documents to increase awareness and understanding of the project
  • Develop tools and methodologies to conduct a rapid appraisal of the current environment issues and how 4R-NSP and the environment affect each other.
  • Carry out qualitative analysis to highlight and unearth the issues on the ground
  • Apply gender perspectives into all information analysis for the report;
  • Prepare a revised draft report and strategy
  • Present the findings to the team for discussions and comments.
  • Present draft strategy for discussion and inputs
  • Finalize the strategy document
  • Summit final report to CDF Canada 
Responsibility of CDF Canada and Partners
The project is responsible for the following:
  • Arrange logistics including accommodation, transportation and subsistence for the consultant to undertake the assignment
  • Avail project staff and where necessary recruit field assistants in the districts to support in the assignment
  • Arrange for field meetings in the various districts and make available the needed logistics (stationery, transport, feeding, etc) to execute the assessment
Districts to be Covered
The environmental sustainability strategy is to be reviewed based on information gathered from the 4 implementing districts of the 4R-SNP. These are Nanumba South, Nanumba North, East Gonja and Kpandia districts.
Deliverables Results
  • Assessment tools developed (questionnaires and other guides)
  • Draft Environmental Sustainability report produced
  • Presentations of draft Environmental Sustainability report to project management team
  • Submission of Final Environmental Sustainability Strategy report 
Reporting and Time-Frame

The consultant shall report and work very closely with CDF Country Manager during the assignment. The consultant will prepare a written report in English. The first draft report is due to CDF Local Office no later than 20th August.
Compensating and Renumeration

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and time allocated to the assignment.  Travel and related expenses must be pre-approved and will be reimbursed in accordance with SEND Ghana rates and guidelines specified in the contract. 

Required Skills or Experience

Competencies of the Consultant 

  • Extensive experience (at least 10 years) in qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies &/or skills and experience relating to environmental sustainability issues
  • Proven track record of research experience in agriculture and Climate resilience and understanding of alternative development, food security and agriculture;
  • Good understanding of sensitivity for poverty, social and ethnic issues.
  • Demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and in high pressure situations under tight deadlines
  • Ability to write and communicate in English;
  • Knowledge and understanding of rural northern Ghana context;

At least an Advanced Degree in Agriculture science, development studies, rural development and extension, agriculture or other related field of studies.

10 years knowledge and experience on environmental impact assessment, Agriculture/social research, rural rapid assessment and community assessment with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

How To Apply

Application procedure
Interested and qualified applicants should submit a cover letter together with a technical proposal and financial proposal to note later than 16th August, 2019. 

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