Consultancy Opportunity at BirdLife’s Capacity Development Fund

Technician Engineers (10 Positions)

Short-term consultancy/consultant for an internal evaluation of BirdLife’s Capacity Development Fund

Project summary
BirdLife International Secretariat has secured funding from the MAVA Foundation to work with BirdLife Partners in priority conservation areas in the Mediterranean basin (North Africa, Middle East and Europe) and West Africa.
This support is expected to result in national conservation organisations becoming strong, secure and influential, able to deliver sustained conservation impacts beyond 2022.
BirdLife’s experience and research has shown that targeting integrated packages of combined technical and financial assistance for organisational development, over time, verifiably builds and enables our Partner organisations to become stronger, more influential and to deliver greater conservation impact. This experience underpins the rationale and operation of the Capacity Development Fund.
About Mava Foundation 
Mava Foundations’s vision is a future where biodiversity flourishes, especially in the Mediterranean, coastal West Africa and Switzerland; the global economy supports human prosperity and a healthy planet; and the conservation community is thriving.
Mava’s financial and technical donor support helps conservation actors protect species and tackle threats by enabling them to respond rapidly, encouraging collaboration and helping grantees develop their own skills and ability to deliver.
MAVA Foundation is implementing its last phase of activities and has planned to provide its last fundings in the coming years, before to end its activities at the end of 2022.
About the BirdLife Capacity Development Fund
Working directly with 12 BirdLife Partners and 5 Project Partners, the Capacity Development Fund (CDF) builds on the organisational capacity development gaps identified in 2015 using BirdLife’s Quality Assurance System. 
The project provides a package of financial assistance to put in systems and facilitate technical assistance for knowledge and skills for Partners.
The project aims to create sharable tools across the entire BirdLife Partnership by creating communities of practice to exchange learnings and innovation. The first phase of the MAVA support to the CDF is running until end of 2020 .
Objectives and scope of the internal evaluation 
The proposed internal evaluation will capture the learnings and experience from the first 20 months of implementation of the CDF, as operationalised and financed by the current MAVA projects in the Mediterranean and West Africa.
The evaluation is expected to generate recommendations about specific actions to maximise strengths and resolve weaknesses relating to the design and implementation of the fund and about the allocation of resources across the activities included in the second phase of the MAVA support to the CDF.
These recommendations should also help BirdLife International in its fundraising activities for the benefit of the CDF. The final scope and protocol for this review will be defined in collaboration with BirdLife staff and the independent consultant recruited to conduct the internal review.
The review should comprise an examination of deliverables and performance reports, interviews with project staff, beneficiary Partners and Regional Directors of the 3 divisions involved in the project (Middle East, Africa and Europe).
The internal evaluation should pay particular attention to the specific contexts and divergent needs in different parts of the region targeted by the CDF Med and CDF West Africa.
1. Guidance questions for beneficiary Partners, project implementation team and Regional Directors:
   a. Is the CDF sufficiently integrated with other capacity-building and Partner development frameworks, i.e. P2P-cooperation, formal Partner assessments and capacity-building efforts included in other projects?
   b. Are the mechanisms included in the CDF fit for purpose?
      i. How effective are the strengthening plans in guiding institutional development? What works in the plans? What doesn’t work? 
      ii. How effective are the catalytic grants in resourcing institutional development? What works? What doesn’t work?
      iii. How effective are technical assistance grants in mobilizing the required expertise for institutional development? What works? What doesn’t work?’
      iv. How effective are the training opportunities grants in building the required skills for institutional development? What works? What doesn’t work?’
   c. What percentage of the strengthening plan will each Partner have implemented by the end of phase I of the CDF (in % of priority actions)?
   d. Have you experienced the process of awarding grants across the beneficiary Partners included in the CDF Med/WA as fair and transparent? If not, why? What could be improved? What is working well?
   e. Has the CDF provided sufficient and qualified staff to guide Partners through the process? What level of support would be appropriate? What skill sets are we missing in the Secretariat which would be valuable to support the Partners? What roles should Secretariat staff play?
   f. Has the CDF helped you to strengthen cooperation between Partners? What more could the CDF do to support this?
   g. Do you have specific recommendations to improve CDF functioning or efficiency?  
2. Evaluation of CDF deliverables
   a. Do the strengthening plans address all relevant weaknesses detected through the QAS, and are they based on additional analyses (resulting from SWOT or Partner assessments)? Has supporting documentation been provided?
   b. Are the project proposals based on actions included in the strengthening plans?
   c. Do the project reports demonstrate a clear positive impact on the stability and sustainability of the organizations?
   d. Have the documents produced through the grants (e.g. strategy, business plan) led to further action?
Outputs and deliverables
The outputs of the evaluation are a draft report and a final report, and a presentation of results via a meeting with key BirdLife staff. The report will not be distributed further without specific agreement from BirdLife International and the Mava Foundation.
The report should contain a list of interviewees, but not directly attribute any comments or statements to specific individuals. 
The report should include at least the following sections: 
Executive summary, which should consist of a short summary of key findings concerning the questions listed above in the Objectives and Scope section, above. 
Introduction, which should include a description of the project and the project context, providing the basis for the subsequent analytical and evaluative sections. The introduction should include a short explanation of the methods used in the review process. 
Main Findings, which should provide a detailed narrative and analysis on the findings related to the questions listed above in the Objectives and Scope section. 
Conclusions and recommendations, which should provide answers to the main evaluation questions. The conclusions should follow logically from the main findings and analysis, but be clearly distinguishable from these. The recommendations should be actionable and prioritized, and follow logically from the conclusions. 
Annexes: including the list of principal documents consulted during the evaluation, list of individuals interviewed, questionnaire distributed. 
Management and oversight
The evaluation will be managed by BirdLife International. 
Application process
Please submit a proposal describing your relevant experience and including experience conducting this kind of evaluations. Please include also relevant examples of your work. 
In your proposal, please include a description of who will conduct the work. If the work will be implemented by a team, please provide a CV of each member of the team, indicating who will be the team leader (and serve as the point of contact for the project) and the responsibilities of other members. 
We require:
– An understanding of organisational development issues and knowledge in regards to building capacity for civil society organisations;
– Extensive experience conducting complex, multidisciplinary (programmatic and institutional) evaluations;
– Fluency in both English and French.
The following are highly desirable:
– An understanding of BirdLife International’s mission and operating model;
– A good understanding of the geographic areas comprised in the project. 
By when           What                                                                                                    Who
Mid July 2019   Deliver detailed proposal/budget                                                        Consultant
Late July 2019  Contract agreed                                                                                  BirdLife International & Consultant
August 2019     Commence desk work/planning/conduct interviews                           Consultant
Sept 2019         Conclude interviews                                                                           Consultant
Mid Sept 2019   Deliver first draft evaluation doc                                                        Consultant
End Sept 2019  Return feedback on first draft                                                             BirdLife International
Mid Oct 2019    Deliver final report                                                                              Consultant
Late Oct 2019   Presentation of main results and recommendations to BirdLife staff Consultant
The total budget for this project is capped at 10,000 GBP including taxes. 
Please provide a detailed budget, itemising each expense category, including time spent in each activity and daily or hourly rates, as appropriate.
The role of the consultant and their team will automatically terminate at the conclusion of the project, following the submission of the final version of the written report and the final presentation of results.
Any information gathered and any work developed or created under this project, including without limitations any data, datasets, research, study reports, knowledge and all written, graphic, audio, visual and any other materials, contributions, applicable work product and production elements contained therein, whether on paper, disk, tape, digital file or any other medium or form, shall remain the property of BirdLife International.
The consultant will be responsible for contracting and managing their team. The consultant and their team will carry out this project as independent contractor(s) and nothing in this letter will render the consultant or any member of their team an employee, agent or partner of BirdLife International and they shall not hold themselves out as such.
Please send all documents by June 21st 2019, to:

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