The Youth, Education for active citizenship and Gender Equality (YEG) programme forms part of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) signed between DANIDA and Oxfam Denmark. 
The project is designed to empower Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Young People to influence youth, education and gender-focused policy-decisions at the national and regional levels. With its focus on the West African sub-region including the West Sahel region, the programme has targeted interventions at the regional level and in six countries – Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali, Niger, and Liberia.
At the regional level, programme implementation is being done in partnership with the Africa Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA). Country level interventions are being done through the respective country programmes of Oxfam, working through various CSOs. 
Overall, YEG aims to “contribute to the inclusion of marginalized youth in society, with a focus on young women with specific needs, capabilities and rights, by supporting CSO partners’ engagement with duty bearers to create and implement a plan of shared action on context specific non-formal quality education for marginalized youth”. 
Specifically, the programme seeks to achieve the following objectives: 
  • Specific objective 1: To reduce gender disparities in formal and informal education and ensure equal access to education for marginalised youth, with a focus on young women.
  • Specific objective 2: To strengthen the education movement in WAF by contributing to the Institutional Development of ANCEFA and the implementation of its strategic plan for 2018-2022 with a focus on youth participation, especially female youth.
  • Specific objective 3: To promote concrete changes in education policies and related legislative frameworks in the 6 targeted countries and in the region, ensuring inclusion of gender sensitive formal and non-formal education options for marginalized youth and increased gender equality by supporting CSO partners’ engagement with duty bearers (AU, ECOWAS, National governments) to create and implement a plan of shared action on context specific non-formal quality education for marginalized youth. 
As part of interventions to achieve the above project objectives in Ghana and enhance harmoinsed and complementary advocacy by project CSO partners, Oxfam intends to engage a consultant to facilitate the development of a joint advocacy strategy for the CSO partners. 
The purpose of  this assignment is to provide a guiding framework for coordinated and focused  advocacy  by CSO partners on the YEG project and their constituent youth networks, at the national and local levels, using partners’ complementary resources and efforts, for the achievement of YEG project objectives.  
  • To facilitate the development of a joint Civil Society Advocacy Strategy informed by relevant contextual issues in Ghana as well as the experiences, information and priority issues of the CSO partners and their youth networks. The joint advocacy strategy should also link to the ANCEFA regional youth strategy.
  • To transfer hands-on knowledge and skills on advocacy strategy development to CSO partners.
The assignment will focus on YEG and relevant aspects of the Education for Active Citizenship (EfAC) strategic areas of intervention in Ghana and deliver the following outputs, among others: 
  • Design a simple questionnaire or template to collect primary information from the target participants.  
  • Process and analyze the information collected with the view to building consensus on priority issues for advocacy that will be relevant to the CSO partners and YEG, and use these as inputs into the advocacy strategy.
  • Review relevant documents in addition to the information collected from partners to serve as basis for a clear problem and context analysis.  
  • Facilitate a 3-day strategy development workshop with the active participation of CSOs partners in all stages of the strategy development. 
  • Produce a draft a joint advocacy strategy and process report. 
  • Finalise the draft advocacy strategy and process report based on feedback from Oxfam and partners on the draft strategy.  
It is expected that the consultant will employ participatory methodology that will make use of the experiences of YEG CSO partners and the leadership of the youth networks to ensure that the CSO partners and the Youth Networks own the strategy. The strategy development process and workshop should employ action learning methodologies which will transfer knowledge and skills on advocacy strategy development partners while enabling them to contribute their knowledge, experiences and organizational aspirations to the development of the joint strategy. 
The outputs expected from this assignment are as follows: 
  1. A joint CSO  Advocacy Strategy on Youth and Education jointly owned by YEG CSO partners. 
  2. CSOs acquire knowledge and skills of developing advocacy strategy. 
  3. A process report.  of the task is developed and submitted to Oxfam. 
We will use open tendering to invite bids from individual consultants who have the experience and skills described above.  Expression of interest should include:
  1. A cover letter introducing the consultant and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples. 
  2. A 2-page outline of the proposed strategy development and writing process including:
    • Proposed outline of methodology
    • Management arrangements 
  3. A 1-page budget covering proposed fees and all major costs.
The budget for this assignment will be split in the detail planning between the data gathering, strategy workshop and writing of strategy and report, as agreed with the consultant. The main expenses anticipated are: consultant’s time; information gathering from select CSO partners, writing and editing; travel; accommodation; and other directly associated costs. 
It is estimated that 11 person days will be used for this Assignment. It is broken down as follows;
  • 3 days for preparation
  • 3 days for the workshop
  • 3 days for writing and submission of the joint advocacy strategy and process report
  • 2 days for submission of final strategy and process report
Production schedulePlease note that this schedule is tight, with no room for slippage
Data collection guide  20th August 2019
Strategy development workshop 21st – 23rd August, 2019
First draft of strategy and process report due by:28th August, 2019

Comments required from:

Oxfam YEG Coordinator, Education Programme and policy Coordinator, Inequality Programme Manager, Gender advisor; Research & Program Quality Manager; Country Director; Head of Program

3rd September, 2019
Revisions by consultant and submission of final joint advocacy strategy and process report :5th September, 2019


  • Provide technical guidance and feedback to achieve the objective of the assignment.
  • Provide information to the consultant.
  • Book appointments with relevant persons and institutions for information gathering. 
  • Provide necessary logistics – transportation, accommodation in the field and any other logistics needed for the assignment.
  • Wumbei Dokurugu – YEG Project Coordinator 
  • Zakaria Sulemana – Inequality Programmes and Campaigns Manager 


  • YEG Theory of Change 
  • EfAC Theory of Change 
  • ANCEFA Youth Strategy

Required Skills or Experience

Oxfam is looking for consultants with a strong record in producing high quality advocacy and campaign strategies.  The consultant will have wide credibility within the field, excellent knowledge of youth, education, gender, communication for change, and a good understanding of advocacy work. 
The consultant should have the following skills and competencies:
  • Demonstrable experience of producing high-quality, credible advocacy strategies and papers (examples required)
  • Familiarity with different methodologies for producing strategies, and the additional factors involved in public advocacy work
  • Demonstrable experience of working with NGOs and educational authorities 
  • Familiarity with policy advocacy work and demonstrable political sensitivity to youth, education and gender issues, preferably at the regional level. 
  • Ability to produce/write concise, and analytical scripts and understanding of development/advocacy communication (i.e. strategy papers)
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English and some Ghanaian languages 
  • Excellent organizational and facilitation skills.

How To Apply

As part of your online application, please upload your up to date CV and respond to three key questions related to your experience. Your application will be shortlisted based on your CV and your responses to the above questions. You need not comment on your suitability against the essential criteria in the job profile.
Please quote the INT 5843

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