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Cashew Nursery Operators and Performance Evaluation at MEDA Ghana

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is a faith based International Development Organization based in Canada and operating since 1953.




  1. Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is a faith based International Development Organization based in Canada and operating since 1953. MEDA is currently implementing a six- year (2015- 2021) Farmers’ Economic Advancement Through Seedlings or FEATS Project in Ghana with funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for improving the productivity, profitability and well-being of tree crop farmers by facilitating access to high quality planting materials. The FEATS Project aims to improve the economic well- being of farmers in export-linked tree crops industries and plans to facilitate the development of viable and sustainable commercial supply chains and markets for high quality tree seedlings. The Project is targeted at 100,000 male and female farmers, 35 small enterprises and their employees including 25 tree-sector farmers and industry associations. The project aims to facilitate the distribution of 21 million quality tree seedlings, primarily of Cocoa, Cashew, Rubber and Shea over its six (6) year tenure. To learn more about MEDA and our work, please visit www.meda.org
  2. One of the FEATS project’s core areas of work is to support Small Scale Cashew nurseries to produce quality seedlings for sale to farmers. 
  3. MEDA has identified and supported Thirteen (13) Cashew Nursery Operators (SMEs) comprising 24 individual sites in the Ashanti, Ahafo, Bono and Bono East regions of Ghana through its Marching Grant Agreement (MGA). MEDA is supporting these SMEs to increase their production, revenues and overall economic empowerment. Specifically, MEDA has signed with the SMEs separate Matching Grant Agreements to improve the infrastructure of their cashew nurseries by providing each SME with customized nursery infrastructure including Shade netting and boreholes. All 13 SMEs successfully produced quality seedlings during the 2019 main season. MEDA is therefore under this Request for Quotation seeking the services of an Agribusiness Consultant for a period of not more than one week to evaluate the performance of SMEs spanning the period March to October 2019 and submit a report to MEDA. 

Scope of Service

The scope of services of the SME Evaluation shall include but not limited to:

  • To determine SMEs input cost including cost of poly pods, plastic sheets, seeds scions, growing media and labour cost covering nursery activities including filling of polypods, scion harvesting, seedings, watering, grafting and general site maintenance as well as determine production cost and unit cost per grafted seedling
  • Describe SME input including sourcing plans and identify sources of seeds and scions, growing media, poly pods and plastic sheets and shade nets.
  • Describe labour composition including number of permanent and temporary workers, skilled and unskilled grafters segregated into male and female  
  • Describe SME trainings and capacity building supports received and its effects on SME operations, especially on percentage seed germination and grafting efficiency     
  • Collate seedlings production and distribution figures, identify distribution channels and sales between the period March to October 2019
  • Identify SME operational and other challenges and recommend interventions to MEDA to overcome those challenges to ensure the SMEs become economically profitable and sustainably viable businesses.
  • Provide any other useful information including marketing and sales promotions by the SMEs etc   
  • Submit a draft and final report presented to MEDA in both word and PowerPoint  

How To Apply


  1. The application package shall include an application letter, updated detailed Curriculum Vitae showing qualifications and work experience relevant to the assignment. Applicant is to provide/confirm possible start date and attach the Detailed cost of the assignment.
  2. The Detailed costing of the assignment shall comprise the completed table below:
No.Description of ActivityUnit CostsQuantityAmount
1Transport for 6 days To be provided by MEDA
2Accommodation for 5 daysTo be provided by MEDA
3Per Diem for 6 days6
4Cost of Evaluation work (Conduct interview with SMEs) and present a report 7
5Soft Copy of report sent by Email1

Please submit your Application letter through email featsprocurements@meda.org by Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 3pm addressed to the Country Director, MEDA-FEATS Project, Accra.

Possible Start & Completion Dates

The applicant should be available to commence work from November 8, 2019 and submit draft report by November 15, 2019.

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