Call for Media Consultants for REACT Programmes

Technician Engineers (10 Positions)

1.0 About AECF
The AECF is a development institution which supports businesses to innovate, create jobs, leverage
investments and markets in an effort to create resilient and sustainable incomes in rural and marginalized
communities in Africa.

Launched in 2008, the AECF has mobilized over US $356 million to date, leveraging
more than US $658 million in matching capital and improving the lives of more than 16 million people
through jobs and increased household incomes.

AECF has so far supported 268 companies in 26 countries
in sub-Saharan Africa across 40 value chains in our focal sectors of agribusiness and renewable energy.
In the new 2018-2020 strategy, our goal is to “double our impact in half the time”.

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To achieve this, we willcontinue to focus on the agribusiness and renewable energy sectors, increase support to climate smart
technologies, refine our challenge model, expand regional presence, deepen focus on gender, youth and
employment by expanding our products and partnership approach to better meet our investees’ current
needs; and ensure they rapidly scale and transition to external financing and sustainability thereby
attaining our vision of ‘A Prosperous and Enterprising Rural Africa.

2.0 Renewable Energy
Energy poverty stifles African economies and limits opportunities for low-income people. Some 590
million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity. Further, 19 of the 20 countries with the
lowest energy access rates globally are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our renewable energy portfolio also known
as Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies (REACT), is demonstrating how renewable
energy technologies and businesses have the potential to reach Africa’s rural communities. Limited access
to sources of clean energy (especially in rural areas) continues to undermine the productivity of
households and businesses limiting growth and deteriorating living standards.

Climate change has the potential to reduce agricultural yields and increase water scarcity the frequency of extreme weather. In
six years, REACT has funded companies implementing innovative business models that provide increased
access to clean energy, financial services and climate smart solutions for the rural poor.

Approximately 85% of the REACT portfolio is in in renewable energy – solar photovoltaic systems, mainly at the household
level. To date the portfolio is worth US $131 million and has funded 78 companies in 19 countries in subSaharan Africa.

3.0 Objective:
To profile AECF work in the renewable energy industry and rural markets in the 9 countries where it has
invested in i.e. Burkina Faso, Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe
with the aim of creating visibility for the AECF REACT programmes during the year.

4.0 Scope of work
Media Engagement
a) To coordinate production of comprehensive feature stories, which highlight AECF’s work and
capture specific AECF investees in-country

To organize media roundtables/ press conferences/ media tours. The consultant will also organize
one-on-one interviews for Senior AECF staff and selected investees as and when required.
c) To coordinate media activities during the period of the consultancy, including:
 Circulate media advisory announcing select activities related to REACT
 Pitch stories to editors and rally their support to cover the REACT related events
 Select and invite journalists to cover REACT events including marketing event/media
round tables
 Assist in popularizing the REACT marketing event through various channels and networks
 Assist in reviewing and circulating press releases
 Write 3 solid transformative feature stories about AECF contribution to market systems
and the life of target populations in the said countries.
 Write opinion pieces and pitch it under the by-line of AECF staff to at least one major
 Mapping out events and conferences in the renewable energy sector for the year
 Organize a press conference in country.
 Assist the Communications Officer manage media requests/queries locally
 Prepare a comprehensive report on the media coverage.
Events Support
a) Assist in identifying suitable venue for the REACT related events and provide on ground support
in securing the venue.
b) Develop a database of stakeholders (as specified by The AECF) in renewable energy to be invited
for REACT related events, including marketing events.
c) Support AECF mobilise key stakeholders to participate in the events.
This is a task based consultancy and payment shall be made based on agreed upon activity, timelines
and agreed upon cost.

5.0 Proposal submission:
Interested and qualified (individual) consultants are invited to submit their proposal(s) comprising of the
a. An understanding of the consultancy requirements.
b. Methodology and work plan for performing the assignment.
c. Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments.
d. Relevant services undertaken in the past five (5) years.
e. Financial proposal showing clearly the fees chargeable for the work to be conducted by
the consultant under the scope of work above.
6.0 Deliverables
 Database of key stakeholders i.e. media – journalists writing on renewable energy and business
writers, regulators, industry players

6 feature stories in mainstream print
 3 feature stories for television
 5 opinion pieces
 2 press releases
 2 press conference
 2 media roundtables
 3 marketing events and media coverage for the event
 Consultancy report at the end of the assignment – media monitoring report (newspaper
cuttings, links to online coverage, clip for TV coverage etc)

7.0 Duration of Service:
The contract will run from the date of signing till December 2019 and payment will be based on pre-agreed

8.0 Qualifications:
 Has over 5 years work experience in media liaison and event management
 Demonstrated experience in events management, experience organising competitions is an
added advantage
 Has experience working with government, civil society organizations, donors, private sector
 Is a registered company and a member of the local PR and media association
 Has in-country presence with ability to speak local language
9.0 Evaluation
No. Activity Score
1. Methodology and work plan
 Proposed communication and media plan in
2. Technical skills of staff assigned to task 15
3. Past performance
– List of similar events/ assignment with
reference list
– Sample stories
– References
– In country presence
4. Budget – The budget should specify the daily fee in USD
per working day (a day will be calculated as 8 hours).
10. Reporting
The consultant will report to the Communications Officer, at The AECF

11.0 Submission
AECF invites all qualified consultants to send a proposal to, clearly marked
“AECF Media and Events Consultancy – Country XX ” to be received no later than 14th March 2019
by 5.00 pm East Africa Time (GMT+3) addressed to: The AECF, Procurement Department
All clarifications and or questions should be sent to with a copy to

The AECF reserves the right to determine the structure of the process, number of short-listed candidates
and the right to withdraw from this process at any time without prior notice and without liability to
compensate and/or reimburse any party.

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